Super Capacitor Based Energy Storage


Super Capacitor Based Energy Storage

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Super Capacitor Based Energy Storage: Where Innovation Meets Integration

Discover the next era of energy storage with Emtel, where cutting-edge technology meets a commitment to excellence. Our super-capacitor Energy Storage solutions redefine the dynamics of power and energy, offering unparalleled reliability, efficiency, and sustainability.

As a global partner and reseller of Enercap Power Industries/Kilowatt Labs, Emtel specializes in turnkey solutions that seamlessly integrate with telecom, IT, data centers, and special infrastructure projects. Our revolutionary supercapacitor-based energy storage technology represents a game-changing approach to power management.

Discover ENCAP: Setting New Standards in Energy Storage

ENCAP is made up of Encapsulated Hybrid Graphene, Solid State and Tantalum Capacitor.

Project Detail


Project Detail

Encapsulated Hybrid Graphene, Solid State and Tantalum Capacitor

Cell Energy Density

250 WH/kg

Module Energy Density


Volumetric Density



10kWh Weight = 90kg


Wi-FI, CANBUS and Bluetooth




EN Automated software to automate and control Associated devices such as DG’s, Rectifiers, Inverters and power devices
EN Connect AI and IOT platform embedded with encrypted cloud based technology with advanced developers tools available in Mobile Apps, Windows and URL based connectivity

Power Density

2kwh per kg

Voltage Range

43.2V to 60.8

Max. Series connection

Can go up to 1000V DC in Series

Series and Parallel Connection

Unlimited series and parallel connection

Galvanic isolation


Module Combiner

Embedded Module combiner – 57V embedded regulator for 5G Telecoms operation

40ft Containeri-zed

Up to 4MWH in a 40ft containerized solution


Laser welded Cell Terminals

Transmission Loss

Nominal Losses in Energy Transmission


Braided Bus Bar


Excellent conductivity


EN Switch allows ENCAP to be joined in series or parallel with multiple chemistries of battery

Key Features and Advantages

High Cycle Life

An Emtel battery can carry an impressive 500,000 cycles, surpassing regular batteries that typically manage only 6,000 cycles. Additionally, Emtel's battery can take multiple cycles per day.

Versatile Charging

Capable of charging up to 80% using wind, solar, or generator sources, our solution ensures constant availability. It boasts 100% usable capacity, setting it apart as an electro-static battery.

Operational Efficiency

Emtel's super-capacitor Energy Storage system significantly reduces DG (Diesel Generator) run time from 6 hours to 50 minutes, enhancing operational efficiency.

Temperature Resilience

While conventional batteries demand specific temperature conditions, Emtel's solution can function optimally in any temperature range from -50 to +65°C.

Rapid Charging

Unlike conventional batteries with slow charging rates (0.2 Capacitor), Emtel's supercharging capability (2 Capacitor) ensures swift and efficient energy replenishment.


Successful track record of technology invention and commercialisation.

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